Leo Laporte the Tech Guy

The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte


My name is Leo Laporte. I’ve been doing technology-oriented talk radio longer than anyone currently on the air. I created the format in 1990 when I hosted a show on KNBR in San Francisco with well-known columnist John C. Dvorak. I’ve been doing tech talk on the radio ever since on KNBR, KSFO, KGO, and KFI. In February 2007 my show was syndicated by the Premiere Radio Networks.

In 1994 I started answering computer questions on TV and my shows Call for Help and The Screen Savers aired for six years on ZDTV and later TechTV. I no longer work on broadcast television, but I do nearly 30 hours a week of Internet video at http://live.twit.tv. You can read my full bio on my personal web site: www.leoville.com/bio.